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        In Vitro Compound Screening



A number of cell culture assays provide valuable insights into the efficacy of anti-inflammatory drugs in prevention of cytokine expression.  To complement our In Vivo models, Washington Biotechnology offers In Vitro models for early screening of test materials:



         IC50 Studies for cell inhibition efficacy


         LPS/PBMC (human) model for anti-inflammatory activity screening using purified PBMCs from selected human donors in a protein-free model


Read-outs: Cytokine analyses for inflammatory response/inhibition assessment


                        e.g. TNF-alpha, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10,

                               INF-gamma, COMP



         LPS/Whole Blood Assay (human)* for anti-inflammatory screening in environment simulating human circulation


          Read-outs: Cytokine analyses as with the PBMC Model



These services provide useful information for screening and selection of compounds for In Vivo testing.


As with our In Vivo studies, all of our In Vitro studies are carried out at our Maryland, USA facility by our full-time technical staff with an assigned Project Manager for your direct contact on any technical consultation.


Studies can usually be scheduled to be started and completed within 3 weeks of your order.     


* "Whole Blood Assay" (fresh human blood cells stimulated with LPS for cytokine expression) - Measurements of Cytokine Responses. We use this cell culture assay to model human inflammatory response and the efficacy of your drug inhibiting the response.

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